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Palliative Care

In 2006 just over half a million people passed away in England, about 99% of them were adults over the age of 18, and almost two-thirds of adults over the age of 75. About three-quarters of deaths could be considered "predictable" and followed a period of chronic illness eg heart disease, cancer, stroke, dementia, etc.

In all, 58% of deaths occurred in an NHS hospital, 18% at home, 17% in residential care homes (most common people over the age of 85), and about 4% in hospices. However, the majority of people would prefer to die at home or in a hospice, and according to one survey, less than 5% would rather die in a hospital. One study estimated that 40% of the patients who had died in the hospital had not had medical needs that required them to be there.

Palliative Care provided by Care4u2day is a specialist support service not just for our service users and patients, we also support their families when they loved one is entering the final months or years of their lives, but more broadly care of all those with a terminal illness or terminal condition that has become advanced.

Seniors with progressive illnesses may feel that they have become a burden on their family and friends. Similarly, family members may be suffering emotionally due to a life-limiting prognosis.

Care4u2day’s care charter means that your loved ones can remain in the place where they feel comfortable and surrounded by their memories, with all the professional support and care needed. Our care does not focus solely on medical and personal needs, it is also about offering emotional support and companionship during a difficult time. It has been proven that empathetic care significantly improves the well-being of people in the later stages of life.

Our specially trained palliative care teams work with families, other health professionals, and support groups to maintain patient comfort and the highest level of care in the later stages of life, helping them to maintain dignity and self-respect at all times.


They were always efficient and unhurried but above all, every one of the team members was always cheerful, kind, and gentle. They made the last weeks of my husband's life as happy and comfortable as possible. I will always be grateful to them and highly recommend them to anyone needing home care.

Doreen B (Wife of Client)

The care given to my mother was always of an exceptional standard. CARE4U2DAY made the last years of my mother's life (as she struggled with a disastrous disease) one of care, comfort, and compassion. In difficult times you were always a beacon of strength and understanding

VT - Client's Daughter


I give to you all my heartfelt thanks for all you did for my dear wife, Connie - she loved you all. I can assure you of my own and both of our son's appreciation of all you did for her.

Colin M - Client's Husband

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