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Social Care & Attendance

Many care providers offer different types of care however, many people consider care is just supporting with just personal care or medication administration.

Where we excel from others

This is where we excel from others, our social / attendance care is where our care practitioners go that extra mile with running errands, grocery shopping, visiting garden centers, day trips out to zoo's, football matches, social activities visiting public houses with friends, going to your social club, etc, 

Grocery Shopping




Outings with friends


Pub Lunches

Gardens Centers

Also, we attend service users' and patients' healthcare appointments when required. This could be with hospital appointments, doctors, dentists, etc, collecting your medication from your pharmacy.

We can plan social and attendance care that fits around your care schedules. With visits from just 30 minutes or more a week, you can really pick how much assistance you need.

It is important to be able to access your local community in order to feel connected, so we place prominence on selecting assistants who are confident in helping you.

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