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Personal Care & Medication

Even though care practitioners are trained to provide all aspects of personal care, there may be some things you’d prefer to do for yourself. A good care practitioner will always give you space when you want it and encourage your independence wherever they can.

Personal Care

  • Bathing and showering, including bed baths.

  • Supporting with toilet, including using a commode or bedpan

  • Support with shaving
  • Oral Hygiene support
  • Changing continence pads, along with cleaning intimate areas 
  • Changing or maintaining stoma or catheter bags, or any other forms of clinical interventions
  • Applying lotions and creams as required
  • Support with moving & handling into and out of beds
  • Dressing, and getting ready for bed

Personal care is the support and supervision of daily personal living tasks and private hygiene and toileting, along with dressing and maintaining your personal appearance. Personal care for young adults and the elderly can cover but is not limited to:

One of the most compelling benefits of receiving personal care in the comfort of your own home as opposed to a care home setting is that the care and support you receive will be provided by a care practitioner on a one-to-one basis, not a number of different carers in a larger care team.

Medication Administration

Medication administration of a direct application of prescribed medication, whether by inhalation, ingestion, or other means—to the body of the individual by an individual who is legally authorized to do so.

Types of Medication 

  • Tablet medication

  • Liquid medication

  • Capsule medication

  • Topical medication

  • Drops

  • Inhalers

  • Implants or patches

  • Peg / Rig medication

  • Peg / Reg feeding

  • Collection of medication 

We provide medication support, to people who are assisting or administering their medication, all of our care assistants have undergone training to provide such services.

Our care practitioners are expertly trained to provide personal care in a way that is discreet and respectful of your personal boundaries. they undertake extensive training where they learn the importance of enabling your dignity and independence at all times.

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