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Our Care Team Are Truly The Jewels In Our Crown.

We are always on the lookout for outstanding Carers to help enrich the lives of our Patients and Service Users, and in turn, we will fully support your career with us.

To be a Domiciliary Carer you need to have a genuine interest in helping people to maintain their quality of life and independence regardless of the potential barriers they face. You must be patient, kind, and empathetic to the difficulties that an individual faces. You are there to facilitate their independence as much as possible and encourage their wellbeing at the same time.

We handpick individuals who are compassionate and capable and who can demonstrate that they can be trusted to quickly build a rapport with Service Users and fit effortlessly into their home life and routine.

All people are different, just as people's needs vary according to their situation. As a Domiciliary Carer, you could be providing a full range of personal care from assisting with washing and dressing in the morning to aiding with toileting during the day. On a different day, you might be assisting someone who is fully mobile but has dementia and requires assistance with cooking and cleaning. There is a great deal of variety in domiciliary care work, and it's perfect if you like changing situations that can challenge you.

You will be visiting people in their own homes to assist with household tasks, some personal care and even accompanying the Service Users on visits such as to the Doctor or Hospital, or even garden centers or sports matches!

Our care team come from all walks of life, and if we find a candidate who embraces our values, we will equip them with all the training they need to excel in their roles.

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Our Pay Bands - Timesheets - Recuitment

Our founders have structured the hourly pay bands similar to the NHS pay scales by band levels, However as you do not have a fixed location you will also be paid working travel time to the next client and so on, which is called working time this is a requirement by employment law. 

All employees will receive a detailed timesheet of all the visits you have made, our IT systems also show the following data;

1. Timesheet Summary:  Detailing all the visits you have completed, the durations, the total amount, travel mileage, travel time, holiday time, holiday                                                   pay

2. Timesheet Details:      These will list the day, both your log-in / log-out times, durations completed, your rate of pay, the total amount, travel mileage,                                            travel time it has taken, Client ID

Recruitment Standards - "SAFE"

Meeting the standards of CQC compliance "Safe", the company has a robust recruitment and training process which all of our care assistants must complete before they are allowed to carry out any care shadowing to any patient or service user.  

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