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Night Care Support

Sleep Night Care

This type of service is one of the best choices service users and patients pick, your care practitioner is also on hand at your home, the care practitioners will be able to offer support up to two services during the night with medication, going to the toilet, etc.

Sleep-in care starts from 10:00 pm to 07:00 am.

Sleep in care provides peace of mind and reassurance to the service users and patients, but most of all to your family and loved ones, whatever happens through the night, you will have total support from our  care practitioner Anxieties and sleep deprivation can soon be improved with sleeping night care. 

Waking Night Care

Waking nights is when our care practitioners are on duty throughout the night from 10:00 pm to 07:00 am, making sure our service users and patients are sleeping or resting and safe and secure. 

Waking nights cover means the care practitioners must be awake all night to undertake any care needs that may arise. 

If you wake at regular intervals during the night to change position due to injury, or if you have to administer medication at regular intervals, the care practitioners can undertake those tasks, but during the rest of the time, the care practitioners can undertake domestic duties such as laundry, cleaning, etc. as necessary.


In these service types, the service user or patients are required to provide sleeping arrangements for your care practitioners .

Ad Hoc Services

When you are a client of the company, we can provide ad hoc night care when required, this must be pre-planned to make adjustments to your service level agreements.

Night Care Costings

Both our sleep & waking night care costs are all set at a fixed rate, these depend on which type of night care you require wake or sleep, these are based on a 9.00-hour shift from 10:00 pm - 07:00 am. These are detailed in our service level agreement. prices

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