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If you already have funding in place and want to discuss arranging a care package the first step is to telephone either our Care Manager or our Registered Manager on  01442 213379 


After an initial telephone discussion, Our management team will arrange a mutually convenient day & time, when they can visit the potential client in their own home, along with as many family members involved in their care or day-to-day lives. The purpose of the visit will be to carry out a care assessment. You will be involved throughout the assessment to identify what your needs are and how these impact your well-being.   

The Care Manager or our Registered Manager will also discuss with you how you wish to live your life, and whether there are certain aims you would like to achieve but feel unable to do so because of your care and support needs.


The care assessment will cover 3 main topics – Personal History, Care Package Requirements and Domestic suitability.

Personal History

As our company ethos is person-centered care it is vital to understand as much as possible about each client. These topics will cover points such as where they were born/grew up, schooling, employment, hobbies, and interests, likes and dislikes, close family members and other relatives, friends and close relationships, etc.

Care Package Requirements

The assessment will then cover any physical difficulties you may have whilst taking into account the emotional and social side of your life. Details will be taken as to exactly what is required for your individual care package. The assessment should reflect your needs and wishes as well as those of any family members involved in your care.

Domestic suitability

Finally, our assessors will make an inspection of the house – paying particular attention to moving and handling as well as health and safety. If it is felt that the home is lacking in any area (eg need for grab rails, loose floor covering, etc. ) this will be indicated and addressed.


All Care Assessments are carried out by our Care Manager or the Registered Manager, who are very experienced in assessments planning,  before any care package can start, we follow strict guidelines which are as follows:

Regulation 20: (Duty of Candour), that all our Managers are Open, Transparent, and Honest at all times.

Regulation 19: (Fee's), to provide each person with a service level agreement price list

New for 2023

The company has undertaken to provide every patient and service user the continuity of care to safeguard every patient and service user's care package place with the company, These details are set out in our service level agreement contracts.

It is the responsibility of all our managers to disclose all such information before any new care package is started, by means of the new company declaration policy which sets out that all the required information has been disclosed to the patient or the service user.

04-100 Service level agreement contact

04-101 Service level agreement price list

04-102 Weekly breakdown of detailed hours, times, and charges

04-103 Company's terms and conditions

04-104 Service users guide

04-105 Company declaration policy

On-going Requirements 

  • Care plans will be produced on the information supplied to our Managers while carrying out your care assessment.

  • Your care plans are normally provided within 12 weeks from the assessment date  

  • All related documents to provide such care services are required to be signed for your consent and approval.

  • You will receive a personalised home care folder, based on the information you provide.

  • All our personalised homecare folders have built-in trackers and safeguarding call monitoring devices to measure call visits and times.

  • Your call monitoring device will record and produce your invoices for services that have been provided.

You will then be given a schedule of calls – knowing what days/times your personal carer(s) will be in attendance. Initially, all care calls will be supervised by either the Care Manager or the Registered Manager. This is to ensure that your care is carried out exactly as you requested – making any adjustments in the early stages.

Once a Care Package has been established you will then be introduced to the individual carers who will be visiting you on a regular basis. We pay particular attention to finding the ‘right’ carer for each person.

All of our carers are strongly vetted and highly trained – many of whom specialise in a particular area – such as dementia or end of life care.

All of our clients are supplied with 24/ 7 /365 telephone numbers for the Care Manager, General Manager, Registered Manager – giving you the peace of mind of knowing that they are always only a phone call away.

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