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Dementia Care

Having a diagnosis of dementia can be upsetting - but it doesn't mean that you lose control of your life, or your independence. Many people continue to live fulfilled and happy lives for many years, even if adjustments are necessary. Coming to terms with this illness is hard for both those affected by it, and their loved ones. If a close family member is suffering from dementia, it can be challenging trying to cope with work, family and care options.
Support with dementia care

Most dementia sufferers and their families find that domiciliary care in their own home is a far better alternative to long term residential care. Our dementia clients find comfort in the fact that they will not need to leave the familiarity of their own homes and can continue to receive all the care and help they require while still being surrounded by treasured possessions and memories - and even beloved pets.

Although some symptoms of dementia are common to everyone, dementia affects each person in different ways. Our bespoke, flexible personalised care plans are based on the individual - not the illness, always taking into account their history, personality and feelings as well as likes and dislikes.

All our carers are highly trained, with extensive experience of supporting individuals with many forms of memory loss. Understanding that a key element to dementia care is to encourage individuals to live a normal life, our professional care team offer encouragement, reassurance and support in making everyday decisions - from what to eat for breakfast to what clothes to dress in.

Since using Care4u2day, I can trust totally that my parents are getting the best possible care and support, including administration of medication, appointments, help with correspondence, personal care, shopping and other domestic chores, My parents feel that the staff are an extension of the family, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Heather R - Clients ' daughter

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